Car Amplifiers

Car Amplifiers

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Installing a superior-quality amplifier in a car is a great deal to experience clear instrumental sound output with excellent bass that any music lover falls in love with. Car amplifiers are more than you think, they are more than just boosting the bass. Amplifiers help us to experience better audio output with balanced clarity of vocals, instruments, and bass. At Twisterscar, being one of the renowned Car Accessories Stores in Hyderabad, we provide a wide range of car amplifier channels as per the installation of speakers and subwoofers.

Why External Car Amplifiers Are Necessary?

Installing an external car amplifier adds more life to the basic audio system installed in your car. Most of the cars just use normal audio systems but that doesn’t add up a life to the driving experience. With the advancement in technology, innovations are also aligned with market demands. There are many audio sources who are working hard in improving the car audio output and to make the journey enjoyable. 

The car amplifiers we provide will surely enhance your audio experience but the quality and durability will make you experience the flawless audio output. Upgrade your audio system with advanced amplifier channels and relish the audio output as per your need. Twisterscar is also known for the best car speakers and subwoofers installation available at fair prices.

At Twisterscar, being one of the best car audio shops in Hyderabad, we provide new and quality amplifiers that are completely tested to ensure the quality and performance of the product. We make sure that the performance of our customized amplifiers will be completely beyond your expectations. At Twisterscar, you can also install our upgraded car speakers and woofers at fair prices. 

Types of car amplifiers that we offer
  •       1-channel (mono)
  •       2-channel
  •       3-channel
  •       4-channel
  •       5-channel
  •       6-channel
  •       8-channel
  •       Mini
Key features of our car amplifiers
  •       Speaker-level inputs
  •       Built-in DSP
  •       Bluetooth connectivity
  •       Remote control
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