Car Speakers & Sub Woofers

Car Speakers & Sub Woofers

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A car with poor quality speakers and subwoofers is of no use with a high-quality audio system. If you install the best car audio system, it is also necessary to go for the best car speaker and subwoofer installation for excellent music experience. At Twisterscar, being customer’s favorite Car Accessories Stores in Hyderabad, we provide car speakers and subwoofers of various sizes that are made of high-grade materials to ensure efficient performance and stability. Our experts at Twisterscar will be available to guide you to choose a suitable car speaker and subwoofer installation for your car model. With a motive to make our products align with your expectations, we strive hard in all aspects of the product to ensure the quality and to make you satisfied with our services. Being one of the top Car Accessories Stores in Hyderabad, we also provide superior-quality DSP car audio to achieve loud, clean, and incredible music output in a car without any disturbances in between.

Visit our car accessories shop in Hyderabad and get high-quality speakers and subwoofers at fair prices and enjoy the most comfortable and enjoyable journey. Being one of the best car audio shops in Hyderabad, we check our products multiple times to make sure that the quality and performance satisfies the customers.

What type of speakers are you looking for?

Basically, aftermarket car speakers come in one of two forms. Let us find out what are they and how they work. To enjoy the audio track in your car it is necessary to install quality speakers along with other parts needed in the car audio system.

Full-range speakers

These are the basic speakers in which the tweeter and the woofer are mounted together. There are also 3-way and the occasional 4-way speakers that further separate the musical frequencies to deliver more detailed sound.

Component speakers

In these types of speakers, tweeter and woofer is not mounted in the same basket. The woofer mounts in the lower door location and tweeter mounts in a higher spot on the door usually that dramatically improves how your music sounds. 

At Twisterscar, you can get several types of speakers as per your choice.


Midrange speakers

Vehicle-Specific Speakers

Extreme Performance Speakers

Speakers for Custom Installations
Match your speakers to your system

The features of our car speakers should exactly match your needs irrespective of the car you have. Let us find out key features of car speakers that we offer are as follows:

Power handling

If you have got a low powered system in your car, speakers can’t handle high power. We offer customizable speakers that are tailor-made for your car to give the best sound quality.


For high power system, we offer speakers with lower sensitivity rating that provide excellent sound quality.

Tweeter design and material

Tweeter’s material and design has a big role to play when it comes to sound production. We offer tweeters that are made of high-quality materials and let you enjoy music.

 Speaker materials

The durability and sound quality of speaker depends upon the material design of the speaker. The materials used in the car audio systems offered by us are of high quality. Whether it is woofer material, tweeter material or any surround material, you will get the best products at our car accessories shop. 

External Crossover

External crossover are used to send separate frequencies to the woofer and tweeter. In order to enjoy clear and more efficient sound, look for the passive external crossovers while purchasing car audio systems from car accessories shop. 

Detachable Tweeters

While buying a car audio system, you can prefer speakers with detachable tweeters. Because speakers with detachable tweeters can be used both as full-range speakers as well as component speakers. Along with car audio parts, we also offer you other types of aftermarket accessories for your car. 

Sub Woofers

Woofers are an integral part of speaker set up and can be mounted anywhere inside your car to enjoy the music. We have a shop of car accessories in Hyderabad that where you can get all types of car parts from car interior parts to car exterior parts. We have all types of woofer that help in enhancing the car‘s audio system and let you fully enjoy the loud music inside your car. If you are looking for good quality woofers, do visit our car accessories shop in Hyderabad. Woofers have different designs and different types of boxes will lead to different types of bass:

Sealed boxes: For deep, precise bass

A sealed box is an airtight enclosure that produces precise, clean bass. It is the best option for music that demands tight, accurate bass. Since a sealed enclosure needs more power than a ported box, it is recommended to use an amplifier for optimum performance.

Ported boxes: For forceful bass

Ported boxes are preferred for rock or any hard-driving music. They deliver deeper bass than sealed boxes and need less power, though they are much larger as compared to sealed enclosures.

Bandpass boxes: Maximum slam

Bandpass boxes are designed for maximum slam. Here, the woofer is mounted inside a dual-chambered box where one chamber is sealed and another is ported. The sound comes out of the ported chamber is extra-loud having a narrow frequency range.

Free-air subwoofers

A free-air system consists of woofers mounted to the rear deck. The trunk of the car houses the subwoofer and isolates the sound, solving the sound cancellation problem. Free-air systems are convenient to install and save space due to the lack of a box. But their power handling levels are lower than their boxed counterparts.

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